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RANCID Integration


This ZenPack is developed and supported by Zenoss Inc. Commercial ZenPacks are available to Zenoss commercial customers only. Contact Zenoss to request more information regarding this or any other ZenPacks. Click here to view all available Zenoss Commercial ZenPacks.


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RANCID Integration ZenPack

The RANCID Integrator ZenPack allows Zenoss to work in conjunction with Shrubbery Networks' RANCID (Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ)


This ZenPack is included with commercial versions of Zenoss and enterprise support for this ZenPack is provided to Zenoss customers with an active subscription.


The ZenPacks.zenoss.RANCIDIntegrator ZenPack enables integration between the RANCID configuration management tool and Zenoss platform.

The integration points are:

  • Zenoss platform will build the router.db file for RANCID. This allows for the centralization of administration activities and reduces the duplication of effort normally required to maintain the two tools.
  • Implementation of this feature is as easy as adding a cron job to execute $ZENHOME/bin/zenrancid to update the router.db file.
  • Zenoss platform will automatically run RANCID's rancid-runm tool on a single device in response to a ciscoConfigManEvent SNMP trap being sent from the device to Zenoss platform. Cisco devices will send this trap whenever their configuration is changed. This allows for real-time capturing of router configuration changes in your CVS repository.

Note: The RANCID integrator is dependent on a connection to the Zope server, hence it can run only on the Zenoss platform master and as such works only with managed resources on the master.


Prerequisite Restriction
Product Zenoss platform 4.x, Zenoss 2.2 or higher
Required ZenPacks ZenPacks.zenoss.RANCIDIntegrator

Configure Cisco Devices to Send Traps

To implement this feature you must configure your Cisco devices to send their SNMP traps to the Zenoss platform server.

Link from Cisco device status pages to the most recent configuration stored in your CVS repository via viewvc.

Configure RANCID Update Information in Zenoss platform

  1. From Infrastructure >Devices, click the device in the device list.
  2. Select Configuration Properties in the left panel.
  3. Edit the appropriate configuration properties for the device.

    RANCID Configuration Properties | | | |--------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Name | Description | | zRancidRoot | File system directory where RANCID is installed. It may be NFS mounted from the RANCID server. Default is /opt/rancid | | zRancidUrl | Base URL to viewvc | | zRancidGroup | RANCID group attribute. Controls what router.db file the device is written to. Can be set at the device class or device level. Default is router on the /Network/Router/Cisco class | | zRancidType | RANCID type attribute. Controls what device type is written to the router.db file. Can be set at the device class or device level. Default is cisco on the /Network/Router/Cisco |

  4. Click Save to save your changes.