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Cloud View


This ZenPack defines reports for Cloud related technologies including Serverless functions. The following features are added by this ZenPack:

  • Reports with graphs for serverless function usage from AWS, Azure, GCP:
    • Total functions counts per provider (AWS, Azure, and GCP)
    • Top Functions by Invocation Count
    • Top Functions by Average Duration
    • Top Functions by Errors Rate
    • Top Accounts by Functions Count


Version 1.0.0 Download - Released: 2019-10-23 - Compatible with Zenoss 6.3+ and Zenoss Cloud - Requires: ZenPackLib


At very least, one of the following ZenPacks, should be installed and modeled with related Cloud Functions:

  • Microsoft.Azure ZenPack >= 2.1.0
  • GoogleCloudPlatform ZenPack >= 1.1.0
  • AWS ZenPack >= 5.0.0


In order to generate a report, relevant configuration options have to be defined. These options include:

  • Providers: AWS, GCP, Azure. Functions of which providers will be displayed on graphs. It can be selected either one or more.
  • Time Range: Metrics will be collected to display graphs for the given time period selected. Time can be selected either from a predefined date ranges or a custom time range.


General troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify that at least one device of provider (AWS, GCP, Azure) is modeled with Cloud Functions.
  2. Verify that Cloud Functions metrics are successfully collecting (especially: invocations, execution time, and errors).

Serverless Report

The following graphs as a report are included with this ZenPack. It can be found in the Cloud View report organizer.

  • Total functions counts per provider (AWS, Azure, and GCP).
  • Top Functions by Invocation Count: Shows top 10 functions by invocation count, with the information about provider and account of function.
  • Top Functions by Average Duration: Shows top 10 functions by average duration, with the information about provider and account of function. Units of time - seconds.

  • Top Functions by Errors Rate: Shows top 10 functions by error rates, with the information about provider, account, errors and invocations count of function. Units of rate - percent.
  • Top Accounts by Functions Count: Shows top 10 accounts by functions count, with the information about the provider of account.



  • Initial release.
  • Tested with Zenoss 6.4.1 and Zenoss Cloud.