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Huawei Wireless


This ZenPack is developed and supported by the Zenoss User Community. Contact Zenoss to request more information regarding this or any other ZenPacks. Click here to view all available Zenoss Community ZenPacks.


Nick Muir


GNU General Public License, Version 2, or later


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Huawei Wireless ZenPack

Monitors Huawei Enterprise Wireless Controllers and their Access Points


This ZenPack is developed by the Zenoss user community and supported via our online forums. Zenoss, Inc. does not provide direct support for this ZenPack.


Version 1.5.3-beta- Download: Released on 2016/05/16: Compatible with Zenoss Core 4.2.x


This ZenPack provides support for monitoring Huawei Enterprise Wireless Controllers. Monitoring is performed via SNMP.


The features added by this ZenPack be summarized as follows. They are each detailed further below.

  • Discovery of Access Points and AP Regions
  • Performance monitoring of Controller and Access Points


The following components will be automatically discovered through via the Wireless Controller.

Access Points: Attributes: Name, Model, IP Address, MAC Address, AP Status, AP Region, Firmware Version, Serial Number, AP Neighbour (Collected via LLDP), AP Neighbour port (Collected via LLDP)

AP Regions: Attributes: Name, Deployment Type, Number of Access Points

Performance Monitoring

The following metrics will be collected every 5 minutes by default.

Wireless Controller: hwAcCurAuthSucessStaNum: hwAcCurJointApNum: hwEntityCpuUsage: hwEntityMemUsage

Access Points: hwApCpuUseRate: hwApMemoryUseRate: hwApOnlineUserNum

Installed Items

Installing this ZenPack will add the following items to your Zenoss system.

Device Classes
  • /Network/Wireless/Access Controller/Huawei
Modeler Plugins
  • HuaweiAccessControllerMap
Monitoring Templates
  • HuaweiAccessPoint
  • HuaweiAPRegion