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CommVault Integration Service


This integration is a subscription-based Professional Services engagement. Our Integration Services are offered as subscriptions in order to provide initial setup and ongoing compatibility and maintenance. All standard packages are renewable every 12 months from the date of purchase. Contact Zenoss to request more information regarding this or any other ZenPacks.


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CommVault Integration Service



More Information

CommVault Integration Service


An implementation of a Commvault API client, used to query a Commvault system for backup job status and generate events for failed backups and clears for completed backups.

Jobs associated with Client 0 and Subclient 0 are currently ignored, as these are back-end Commvault jobs, not client backups.

All backup job related events generated via the API query will be placed in the /Commvault EventClass. Errors from the API client will appear in the /Status/Commvault EventClass.

This ZenPack also accepts SNMP traps from Commvault and translates them into Zenoss events. SNMP trap events will be placed in the /Perf/Commvault EventClass.


ZenPack is designed for support Commvault 10 and 11 for traps, and the API client was written for API version 11SP16.


Prerequisite Restriction
Product Zenoss 6.1.0 or higher
Required ZenPacks ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenPackLib >= 2.0 ZenPacks.zenoss.PS.Util >= 1.9.0
Other dependencies None


Device Classes

A new device class /Storage/Commvault will be added

  • /Storage/Commvault


Configuration of the API connection is via 3 mandatory and 3 optional zProperties:

Base URL, including port and path, through which to connect to the Commvault API. This can be either a Commvault Web Server (eg. or a Commvault Web Console (eg.
The name of the CommCell Console user. For Active Directory (AD) users, an email address can be used.
Password for the specified user.
Timeout in seconds for responses to Commvault REST API queries
zCommvaultValidateHttpsCert (default: True)
Should HTTPS certificate be validated. Should be set to False for self-signed certificates.
zCommvaultDomain (optional)
If the user logging in is a domain user, the domain parameter must be set to the domain associated with the user.
zCommvaultCommServer (optional)
Optionally log in to a remote CommServe. If this parameter is blank, the user is logged in to the CommServe associated with the Web Server/Console specified in the BaseUrl.Use the following format: <commserve_host_name>*<commserve_name> (literal asterisk between hostname and name)eg.*testcs

Selection of jobs for event creation and clearing is via 3 zProperties:

List of all Commvault job state strings (exact match only) that should trigger an event if seenDefaultFailedCompletedCompleted with one or more errors
List of Commvault job state strings (exact match only) that should generate a clear eventDefaultCompletedCompleted with one or more errors
List of job state strings (exact match only) to ignore if zCommvaultJobIncludeStates list is emptyDefault: empty list

Trap Events

List of CommVault snmp traps

  • simpanaAlertAuxCopy
  • simpanaAlertCommcell
  • simpanaAlertDataAging
  • simpanaAlertDataProt
  • simpanaAlertDataRecov
  • simpanaAlertDataVerifi
  • simpanaAlertDeviceStatus
  • simpanaAlertEraseData
  • simpanaAlertFLRJob
  • simpanaAlertFTPDownload
  • simpanaAlertLibrary
  • simpanaAlertLibraryManagement
  • simpanaAlertMediaAgents
  • simpanaAlertOfflineContentIndexing
  • simpanaAlertSchedules
  • simpanaAlertStoragePol
  • simpanaAlertVaultTracker
  • simpanaAlertExpRecov
  • simpanaAlertMediaInvent
  • simpanaAlertMediaErase
  • simpanaAlertClients
  • simpanaAlertClientDist
  • simpanaAlertAppExchange
  • simpanaAlertDownloadAvail
  • simpanaAlertAppFLR
  • simpanaAlertUpgrUpdates
  • simpanaAlertSharepoint
  • simpanaAlertSRM
  • simpanaAlertReport
  • simpanaAlertInfoManagement:



  • Bug FixesSVC-2702: doc updatesSVC-2700 Add clear event on success CommvaultJobPlugin runSVC-3390: set instanceName to UnknownInstance if not returned


  • Bug FixesSVC-3075: fix compatibility with PS.Util 1.9.4+, add default responseTimeout


  • FeaturesSVC-2618: update test data, expand job query to include synthfullSVC-2618: allow for self-signed https certs, update docs


  • FeaturesSVC-2618: add event details to zep for trigger functions and grid display


  • FeaturesSVC-2495: use Commvault API to retrieve backup job status and create events


  • Bug FixesSVC-2227: expose some previously debug logging


  • Initial release for SNMP trap reception