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OpenStack (Tenant View)


This ZenPack allows for monitoring of OpenStack tenants. This means that you can monitor the flavors, images and servers from a tenant perspective.


This is an Open Source ZenPack developed by Zenoss, Inc. Enterprise support for this ZenPack is available to commercial customers with an active subscription.


Version 1.3.2 Download

  • Released on 2020/06/05
  • Tested with Zenoss Resource Manager 6.4.1, Zenoss Cloud and Service Impact 5.5.1

Version 1.2.3 Download

  • Released on 2014/10/09
  • Compatible with Zenoss 4.2 - 5.x


Once the OpenStack ZenPack is installed you can begin monitoring by going to the infrastructure screen and clicking the normal button for adding devices. You'll find a new option labeled, "Add OpenStack Endpoint (User)'".

Choose that option and you'll be presented with a dialog asking for the following inputs.

  1. Device To Create - non-empty, non-ip, non-dns, unique name to use for this device in Zenoss. See note below.
  2. Auth URL - A keystone URL, such as
  3. Username - Same username used to login to OpenStack web interface
  4. Password / API Key - Password to use
  5. Project/Tenant ID
  6. Region Name - choose the correct region from the drop-down.

Most of these parameters can be be found by going to "Your Account/API Access" in the OpenStack web interface, or from the corresponding environment variables for the OpenStack command line tools.

Once you click Add, Zenoss will contact the OpenStack API and discover servers, images and flavors. Once it is complete you'll find a new device in the OpenStack device class with the same name as the hostname or IP you entered into the dialog. Click into this new device to see everything that was discovered.

The following types of elements are discovered.

  • Servers
  • Images
  • Flavors

The following metrics are collected.

  • Total Servers and Servers by State
    • States: Active, Build, Rebuild, Suspended, Queue Resize, Prep Resize, Resize, Verify Resize, Password, Rescue, Reboot, Hard Reboot, Delete IP, Unknown, Other
  • Total Images and Images by State
    • States: Active, Saving, Preparing, Queued, Failed, Unknown, Other
  • Total Flavors

Status monitoring is performed on servers and images with the following mapping of state to Zenoss event severity.

Servers State to Severity Mapping: Reboot, Hard Reboot, Build, Rebuild, Rescue, Unknown == Critical: Resize == Error: Prep Resize, Delete IP == Warning: Suspended, Queue Resize, Verify Resize, Password == Info: Active == Clear

Images State to Severity Mapping: Failed, Unknown == Critical: Queued, Saving, Preparing == Info: Active == Clear

If you are also using Zenoss to monitor the guest operating system running within the server Zenoss will present the graphs for that operating system when the graphs option is chosen for the OpenStack server.



  • Add support for Twisted library update (ZPS-7071)


  • Address compatibility issues with Impact 5.5


  • Change "add" form to more closely resemble the one used for OpenStackInfrastructure
  • Require user to name the device, rather than using the manageIp
  • No longer use manageIp at all. This allows for multiple user devices to contact the same openstack install.
  • Drop novaclient dependency and adopt OSI txapiclient code
  • Tested with Zenoss Cloud and Zenoss Resource Manager 6.3.2


  • zOpenStackInsecure option added to skip SSL certificate verification, which allows self-signed or third-party certificates. (ZEN-23460)


  • Move devices from /Devices/OpenStack to /Devices/OpenStack/User
  • Support new OpenStackInfrastructure ZenPack
  • Drop support for Compute API v1.x


  • Fix bug that could prevent data collection.


  • Fix bug in handling of flavor ID. (ZEN-10333)


  • Add support for compute API versions 2 and 3. Still support version 1.
  • Add zOpenstackComputeApiVersion configuration property.
  • Update python-novaclient to 2.15.0.
  • Support uuid format for image identifier.
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