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PureStorage Integration ZenPack


This integration is a subscription-based Professional Services engagement. Our Integration Services are offered as subscriptions in order to provide initial setup and ongoing compatibility and maintenance. All standard packages are renewable every 12 months from the date of purchase. Contact Zenoss to request more information regarding this or any other ZenPacks.


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PureStorage Integration ZenPack



PureStorage Integration ZenPack

This ZenPack is designed to monitor Pure Storage FlashArray devices. Currently only the Pure Storage REST API v1.4 and 1.18 are supported.


The table lists the Zenpack dependencies.

Prerequisite Restriction
Product Zenoss 6.0.0 or higher
Required ZenPacks
  • ZenPacks.zenoss.PythonCollector >=1.10.0
  • ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenPacklib >=2.1.0
  • ZenPacks.zenoss.PS.Util >=1.9.4
Other dependencies None


PureStorage devices should be added under the "/Storage/PureStorage" deviceClass. Connectivity & polling is configured via the following zProperties:

  • zPureStorage_API_key

    • Function: The API key to access the Purity API.

    • Default: none

    • Notes: This property must be set in order to access the API.

  • zPureStorageVolumeIgnoreNames

    • Function: Sets a regular expression of Volume names to ignore during modeling.

    • Default: empty

  • zPureStorageUrlBase

    • Function: Sets the PureStorage base API URL.

    • Default: 'https://${here/manageIp}/'

  • zPureStorageAPITimeout:

    • Function: Purestorage REST API response timeout

    • Default: 5

  • zPureStorageValidateSSLCert

    • Function: Validate PureStorage HTTP SSL Certificate

    • Default: true

Legacy zProperties

If 'zPureStorageUrlBase' has a value, it will override these legacy zProperties.

  • zPureStorage_port

    • Function: The port on the target to send HTTP requests to.

    • Default: 443

    • Notes: The default should always work on real devices. Assumes URL hostwill be the device's managedIP.

  • zPureStorage_use_https

    • Function: Whether to use HTTPS. If false, HTTP will be used.

    • Default: true

    • Notes: The default should always work on real devices. Assumes URL host will be the device's managedIP.



   SVC-3004: Update to support new API response, "versions"

SVC-3092: Improve API handling between API versions

   SVC-2943: ShelfController handling


  SVC-2765 Fix HostGroup modeler API data consolidation None/Value

scenario SVC-2766 Backward api 1.4 compatibility fixes


  • Overhaul of the API client
  • Add support for PureStorage API version 1.18
  • New zProperties: zPureStorageUrlBase & zPureStorageAPITimeout
  • New components: Drive, Fan, PowerSupply, & TemperatureSensor
  • Separate out monolithic modeler plugin into separate modeler plugins
  • Added NetworkInterface component polling and graphs
  • New Host component relationships: Port & Volume
  • UI cleanup, removing fields from grid display

    SVC-2497 FIX: changing modeled attributes to numeric values

  • networkInterface component 'speed' attribute

  • volume component 'size' attribute
  • snapshot component 'size' attribute


  • Updated to support ZPL v2.0
  • Update to Volume metric polling


 SVC-1240 Fix: Handle 0 value in scaling causing traceback


 SVC-1103 Enhancement, configureable method to ignore by Volume



 Fix: Handle Hosts without detailed Status during Modeling


 SVC-653: The first generic release of the PS.PureStorage ZPL