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This ZenPack is developed and supported by Zenoss Inc. Commercial ZenPacks are available to Zenoss commercial customers only. Contact Zenoss to request more information regarding this or any other ZenPacks. Click here to view all available Zenoss Commercial ZenPacks.


Zenoss, Inc.



Applications Monitored:

Vectra Services


*Version 1.1.0 *Download: ZenPacks.zenoss.PS.Vectra

Prerequisite Restriction

Required ZenPacks: ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenPackLib>=2.1.1, ZenPacks.zenoss.PS.Util>=1.9.8
Compatible with Zenoss Resource Manager 6.0 or higher and Zenoss Cloud


The following zProperties configure the API connection:

  • zVectraApiKey - Api Key which received by Vectra
  • zVectraApiUrl - url endpoint of Vectra API which needed to monitor (Default is https://${here/id}/api/v2.2/health where here/id is a device host)
  • zVectraValidateHttpsCert - property which check validation of SSL certificate (Default is False)
  • zVectraApiResponseTimeout - response timeout (in seconds) for Vectra API requests (Default is 5)

Generating the API Key

Once logged-in the Vectra Detect UI, under My Profile, you can generate an API Token (or copy an existing one)

Modeler Plugins

By default all modeler plugins were selected automatically. You can change this list manually using Modeler Plugins item in left hand menu.

  • API Based Plugins

** -**

  • modeling from values via https://${here/id}/api/v2.2/health/disk

      Modeled properties:
  • status

  • output
  • error

** -**

  • modeling from values via https://${here/id}/api/v2.2/health/cpu

       Modeled properties:
  • label

** -**

  • modeling from values via https://${here/id}/api/v2.2/health/network
  • modeling from values via https://${here/id}/api/v2.2/health/sensors

      Modeled properties:
  • sensor_name

  • ip_address
  • luid
  • serial_number
  • link

** -**

  • modeling from values via https://${here/id}/api/v2.2/health/network

      Modeled properties:
  • link

  • link_stable

** -**

  • modeling from values via https://${here/id}/api/v2.2/health/system

      Modeled properties (displays on the Device Overview page):
  • vectraVersionLastUpdate (’System Version Last Update’ field)

  • vectraVersion (’Version Number’ field)
  • vectraMode (’Vectra Mode’ field)
  • serial_number (’Serial Number’ field)
  • model (’Hardware Model’ field)


  • Add a Vectra host as you would add any device, but specify /Vectra as the Device Class.
  • Make sure needed zProperties mentioned in configuration section are set.
  • Once configured, model the device.
  • After modeling, managed Vectra device will be discovered and added as a separate device under device class specified in Vectra

Thresholds settings

  • CPU utilization threshold setting up in CPU Templates/Thresholds part (default value is 90% of cpu load)
  • Disk utilization threshold setting up in Disk Templates/Thresholds part (default value is 90% of disk utilization)

API Based Monitoring Events

Monitoring Events are generated from the following Templates, which depend on these API Commands.

  • Cpu Monitors interface values from https://${here/id}/api/v2.2/health/cpu /Perf/CPU event generated from threshold
    • "threshold of CPU utilization exceeded"
  • Disk Monitors interface values from https://${here/id}/api/v2.2/health/disk /Status event generated from threshold
    • "threshold of Disk utilization exceeded"
  • Sensor & Brain Monitors interface values from https://${here/id}/api/v2.2/health/network Raises an /Status/Vectra event if the link of Sensor or Brain is ’DOWN’ with vectraComponentLink


Release 1.1.0

  • Features
    • Added zVectraApiResponseTimeout to configure response timeout

Release 1.0.0

  • Features
    • Monitoring Vectra CPU
    • Monitoring Vectra Disk
    • Monitoring Vectra Network Brains
    • Monitoring Vectra Network Sensors
    • Raising events of CPU overload using threshhold
    • Raising events of Disk space overload using threshhold
    • Raising events of network Sensor is down
    • Raising events of network Brain is down

Modeler Plugins

  • rest.Disk
  • rest.Cpu
  • rest.Sensor
  • rest.Brain
  • rest.System

Components Modeled

  • Sensor Interface
  • Disk
  • Cpu
  • Brain

Device Class Templates - Devices/Vectra

  • Brain
    • Graphs
      • Brain Interface Peak Traffic
    • Datapoints
      • brainPeakTraffic
      • brainLink
      • DEFAULTS
  • Disk
    • Graphs
      • Disk Space Load
      • Disk Load
      • DEFAULTS
    • Thresholds
      • Disk utilization
    • Datapoints
      • usagePercent
      • freeSpace
      • totalSpace
      • usedSpace
      • DEFAULTS
  • Sensor
    • Graphs
      • Sensor Interface Peak Traffic
    • Datapoints
      • sensorLink
      • sensorPeakTraffic
      • DEFAULTS
  • Cpu
    • Graphs
      • CPU Total Load
      • CPU Loads
      • DEFAULTS
    • Thresholds
      • CPU utilization
    • Datapoints
      • nicePercent
      • totalPercent
      • DEFAULTS
      • systemPercent
      • idlePercent
      • userPercent
  • SystemUptime
    • Datapoints
      • systemUptime