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PagerDuty Official - v2 API


This ZenPack extends Zenoss by providing a new PagerDuty Notification type to send Zenoss events to PagerDuty Services via Events API v2.

This ZenPack builds upon and replaces ZenPacks.PagerDuty.APINotification.


This ZenPack is developed and supported by Zenoss Inc. Commercial ZenPacks are available to Zenoss commercial customers only. Contact Zenoss to request more information regarding this or any other ZenPacks. Click here to view all available Zenoss Commercial ZenPacks.

Git Sources (For Cloning)

Git Repo


Version 2.0.3 - Download

  • Released: 2018/9/10
  • Compatibility: Zenoss Resource Manager 4.2.5, 5.x, 6.x
  • Prerequisites/Dependencies: None

ZenPack Installation/Removal

Install or remove this ZenPack following the instructions in the Zenoss Resource Manager Admin Guide matching your Zenoss RM version.

Upgrading from ZenPacks.PagerDuty.APINotification

If upgrading from the older ZenPacks.PagerDuty.APINotification ZenPack, then the prior ZenPack needs to be completely removed prior to installation. This includes all existing PagerDuty Notifications. The following steps are recommended based on user testing.



  • Create a snapshot of Zenoss.resmgr
  • Remove any PagerDuty Notifications (note the settings for adding them back)
  • Uninstall the prior ZenPack (e.g., serviced service run zope zenpack-manager uninstall ZenPacks.PagerDuty.APINotification)
  • Stop and restart all Zenoss Services, including zproxy (Infrastructure can stay up)


  • Install the new ZenPack (e.g., serviced service run zope zenpack-manager install ZenPacks.zenoss.PagerDuty-2.0.3-py2.7.egg)
  • Stop and restart all Zenoss Services, including zproxy (Infrastructure can stay up)


  • Configure Zenoss as below in 'Usage'


  • A lot of changes are in the JavaScript files and caching may cause an issue - be sure to clear your browser's cache and reload to make sure the most current files are used.
  • If you're unable to save the new API Access Key and the textboxes seem small or you are seeing an infinite loading on the Notification window, stop all Zenoss services including Infrastructure services and start them back up. If this does not resolve the issue, you may need to roll back or retry the install.


Configure PagerDuty


In order for PagerDuty to work with Zenoss an API key should be obtained. In the PagerDuty Dashboard go to Configuration -> API access -> Create API Key. If you are presented with an option, choose "v2."

Service Integrations

Edit and add the integration Events API V2 to each service you want to access in the Zenoss PagerDuty user interface.

Configure Zenoss

Configure API Key

  1. Navigate to Advanced > PagerDuty.

  2. Enter your PagerDuty subdomain and API key, then click Apply.

A list of the services that you configured to include the Events API V2 integration appear under the Pagerduty Services heading.

Configure Notifications

Creating PagerDuty Notifications, the following properties can be edited in the Notification content tab:

Title Description
Service PagerDuty Service to send events to
Service API Key The API Key for the PagerDuty Service you want to alert
Description Text that will appear in the incident's log associated with this event



  • Workaround for SSLv3 Handshake issues caused by conflict from CiscoMonitor


  • Prefer the v2 integration if v1 integration is also defined on the service.


  • API Details disappearing from UI


  • Switch to PagerDuty API v2