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Siebel CRM Components


This ZenPack is developed and supported by the Zenoss User Community. Contact Zenoss to request more information regarding this or any other ZenPacks. Click here to view all available Zenoss Community ZenPacks.


Joseph Anderson


Joseph Anderson


GNU General Public License, Version 2, or later


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Siebel CRM Application Server

Siebel CRM Components ZenPack

This Zenpack provides modeling and monitoring of the Siebel CRM Application Server.


This ZenPack is developed by the Zenoss user community and supported via our online forums. Zenoss, Inc. does not provide direct support for this ZenPack.


Version 2.0- Download: Released on 2013/04/02: Requires ConstructionKit ZenPack: Compatible with Zenoss Core 3.2.x, Zenoss Core 4.2.x

Version 1.0- Download: Compatible with Zenoss Core 3.2.x

Version 2.1- Download: Released on 2013/05/16: Requires ConstructionKit ZenPack: Compatible with Zenoss Core 3.2.x, Zenoss Core 4.2.x

Version 2.7- Download: Summary of changes: updated to support ConstructionKit 2.0, added object relations to WinService: Released on 2013/11/05: Requires ConstructionKit ZenPack: Compatible with Zenoss Core 4.2.x


Developed by: Joseph Anderson Description:

This Zenpack provides modeling and monitoring of the Siebel CRM Application Server.

   No agent or changes needed on the remote server.
   Tested against Windows, but should support mutliple platforms
   Provides component-level modeling of Siebel CRM Application subcomponents
   Collects an average of 112 data points per component
       subcomponents may have different data points available
       component template can be easily localized and datapoints added
       data collection script will provide this data without modification

(Nagios format)

This ZenPack is very heavily inspired by the recently released "Siebel CRM Monitoring" Zenpack, and this author owes an enormous debt of gratitude to the author of that ZenPack, for sharing his knowledge and expertise. I can say personally that there is a strong need for this capability, and extremely few open-source options providing it.

Although it was comprehensive, that ZenPack was unsuitable for our environment (we have an extensive Siebel deployment). This ZenPack "repackages" the best parts of the other one while simplifying its deployment and configuration. It's construction/layout is perhaps also better taylored to the conventional Zenoss Administration conventions.

Rather than specifying the specific Siebel component against which to collect data, this ZenPack models the remote server and creates components corresponding to all available subcomponents. These subcomponents are then modeled and managed as typical device "components" (such as a file system).


The ZenPack provides the following

   SiebelComponent Template provides:
       Data Sources
           SiebelStatus returns number corresponding to component status
           SiebelTasks returns the number of total tasks, good tasks, and bad tasks
           SiebelPerf returns performance statistics per component
           various (Min/Max)
   ZenModeler plugins:
   Event Class:
   zensiebelperf collector daemon


This ZenPack relies on a local install of the "srvrmgr" binary that ships with Siebel Enterprise Server. That binary must reside on the Zenoss server, as all commands to the remote server are performed through it. It is assumed that a working installation exists, and that the srvrmgr binary is symlinked to /opt/zenoss/libexec (the zenpack install will attempt to do this). The srvrmgr binary may also require modified permissions to run (mine is 755).

If /opt/zenoss/libexec/srvrmgr works as the "zenoss" user, then the configuration is likely correct.

New Device zProperties are added (these correspond to the command-line arguments of srvmgr):


All are required for the modeler/data source to function.

A "Siebel" Device class should be added at some level of the Devices heirarchy, with the following:

   zCollectorPlugins should contain siebelComponentMap in the list of modeler



   Zenoss Versions Supported: 3.x, 4.x
   External Dependencies: see above notes
   ZenPack Dependencies:
   Installation Notes: zopectl restart; zenhub restart; zensiebelperf

restart after installing this ZenPack.

   Configuration: see above notes


Change History:

   1.0 initial release
       3 datasources added to collect state, task, and performance data
       zensiebelperf daemon added to collect data and serialize data collection
       support for useMonitoredAttribute added to javascript
       support for manual deletion of components added to SiebelComponent
   2.0 rebuilt to support Construction Kit and Zenoss 4.x
   2.7 support for ConstructionKit 2.0

Tested: This ZenPack was tested with Zenoss versions 3.x and Zenoss 4.x


Known issues: None