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CMDB Integration Service


This integration is a subscription-based Professional Services engagement. Our Integration Services are offered as subscriptions in order to provide initial setup and ongoing compatibility and maintenance. All standard packages are renewable every 12 months from the date of purchase. Contact Zenoss to request more information regarding this or any other ZenPacks.


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CMDB Integration Service



More Information:

CMDB Integration Service

This annual subscription service interfaces Zenoss software with the CMDB. This integration is renewable every 12 months from the date of purchase and is designed to offer ongoing compatibility between the products.


This ZenPack provides functionality to talk via JSON interfaces to different CMDB products (eg Service Now) or a custom SQL CMDB. If there are customizations required for any particular customer site, a new ZenPack that inherits from the ZenPacks.zenoss.CMDBIntegrationNG class will be required.


This ZenPack retrieves devices from an external CMDB system, and adds them to Zenoss, in the /Discovered device class and adds a clickable link for Configuration Item ID (CI ID) to the device overview page. If the device already exists, it leaves the existing device in place, and adds the clickable link for CI ID. If a device has components in the CMDB, it will add a clickable link for the CI ID of the component to the component details tab. The ZenPack will also optionally retrieve location information for the devices, and add the locations to Zenoss (if they don't already exist), and place the devices in those locations (the string retrieved from the CMDB for locations will be used to match the name of a location directly under /Locations). The ZenPack will also optionally retrieve applications from the CMDB that are listed as running on the device, and will create a System organizer for each unique application, and place the appropriate devices in those System organizers. This structure can be used to create Impact services (see below).

The following CMDB products are supported:

  • Service Now: the ServiceNow CMDB system
  • SQL: Generic Support for an MSSQL or MySQL CMDB
  • Atrium: BMC Atrium CMDB


Prerequisite Restriction
Product Zenoss 6.4.1 or later
Required ZenPacks ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenSQLTx >= 2.6.3 ZenPacks.zenoss.PS.QFramework >= 1.1.1 ZenPacks.zenoss.PS.Util >= 1.10.0
Other dependencies None


The following common configuration fields are available:

  • Note that toggling the Enabled flag off will remove the existing CI IDs from all devices in the Zenoss system. Toggling it back on will not restore those IDs; the system will need to poll for all of the devices, and re-associate the CI IDs to the Zenoss devices.
  • Note that the option to migrate performance data has been removed throughout the product, so the option has been removed from the CMDB configuration.

Device Field Mapping

In general, the Zenoss field in the mapping should fall into one of a couple of patterns. The simplest are simply attributres of the device, like 'manageIp'. The second are attributes of either the HW or OS object. Those should be specified as, for example, 'os.version' or 'hw.tag'. The third are special fields that are not directly accessible as attributes. This includes 'productionState', 'name', 'performanceMonitor', and 'devicePath'. The 'performanceMonitor' field allows you to set the collector for a device. Use the name of the collector, as you would see in the UI.

There MUST be a mapping for the 'productionState' field, because every Zenoss device MUST have a valid production state. The value in whatever field is mapped to productionState is first translated using the mapping in the configuration item labeled "Mapping of production states from CMDB to Zenoss".

The 'name' field is used for the Zenoss device id. Every device in Zenoss MUST have an id, so you SHOULD make sure to map a value to name. However, the system does have some logic that it uses to try to identify a value for name if one is not provided. Specifically, the system will use the value mapped to name, if there is one, and it is a non-empty string. If not, then it checks to see if a value has been mapped to title, and if so, and it is a non-empty empty string, then it will use that. If that fails as well, then it checks to see if a value has been provided for manageIp - if so, and it's a valid IP address, then it will use that value for the name. If all of those fail, then the system will log an error, create an event with the error, and not try to create the device.

The 'devicePath' field allows you to put devices into a device class other than '/Discovered'. The value mapped to this field MUST be a valid device class path, beginning with the '/' character. An example would be '/Server/SSH/Linux'. Any values that are not valid device class paths will be ignored, and a log message will be generated. The 'devicePath' field is only used on device creation; devices will not be moved from one device class to another.

Remove IP Below this Production State

When the CMDB integration is changing the production state of a device to a value below this threshold, it will remove the manageIp value. With the default threshold, this will only affect devices that are being decommissioned, as the value for that production state is -1. Note that the IP address is completely removed; it would not reappear if the production state is reset, unless the CMDB integration is getting that IP from the CMDB.

To disable this functionality, you can set the threshold to a value lower than any production state you have defined. For the default set of production states, setting this value to -1 or lower will prevent the integration from removing the IP address.

The reason for this functionality is to prevent collisions between decommissioned devices and new devices coming from the CMDB, when IP addresses are re-used. You can keep the decommissioned device in Zenoss to allow viewing historical data, while allowing the integration to create a new device using the same IP address.

Polling Interval

The Polling Interval, or 'cycletime', determines how often (in seconds) the database is polled and checked for updates. This is configurable in the service's configuration file, zencmdbpoll.conf.

In Zenoss v5, this is accessible by opening the zencmdbpoll Service in Control Center, editing the Configuration file, and restarting the Service.

Starting with version 2.0.0, the cycletime for zencmdbpoll is not used to control the polling interval. Instead set the full and incremental polling intervals in the CMDB configuration screen. A full run queries everything from the CMDB that matches the filter, and an incremental run only queries the CMDB for objects that have changed since the last run. This obviously is much faster, since it only has to work with a subset of the records from the CMDB. Objects in the CMDB that were not associated with a device or component in Zenoss, and which have not changed, will not be queried in an incremental run. In particular, if you have added components to a device in the CMDB, but the CMDB does not register that as a change to the device, those components would not be linked to their counterparts in Zenoss. Note that changing the CMDB configuration in Zenoss will trigger the next run to be a full, rather than incremental, run, regardless of the poll cycle settings.

Note that the full polling interval in a production system should generally be set to 0, which disables it. In a test system, where you might be making changes that would require a full run to see the results, it's OK to set this to a non-zero value to allow for easier and faster testing.

Test Access to CMDB

'Test Access' button can be used for checking the connection to the CMDB system. You need to select a Configuration Item and click the "Test Access" button. After that, the result will be displayed in the pop-up dialog box.


This ZenPack installs three services into the system. ZenCmdbPoll is responsible for querying the CMDB and adding/updating devices in Zenoss. The ZenCmdbPush and ZenCmdbPushWorker services are responsible for listening for changes to the model in Zenoss, checking whether any of the fields that are configured to be sent to the CMDB are different from what's currently in the CMDB, compiling lists of components (if any the system is configured to send any component types to the CMDB), prepping those updates, and sending them to the CMDB. Not all implementations support this functionality, but the services will be there regardless. If you are not configuring the system to send any information to the CMDB, these services can safely be disabled.


Install the ZenPack via the command line and restart Zenoss

zenpack --install ZenPacks.zenoss.CMDBIntegrationNG-<version>-py2.7.egg``zenoss restart


To remove the ZenPack, use the following command:

zenpack --erase ZenPacks.zenoss.CMDBIntegrationNG``zenoss restart


The Zenoss support team will need the following output:

  1. Set the zencmdbpolldaemon into DEBUGlevel logging by typing zencmdbpoll debugfrom the command-line. This will ensure that we can see all activities in the zencmdbpoll.logfile.


Log files are kept in the following locations under the$ZENHOME/log/directory:

Source Log Location
CMDB synchronization zencmdbpoll.log



  • Fixes:
    • SVC-3791 Workaround for ZSD regression on model change events
    • SVC-3792 Fix bug where getCmdbMultipleDeviceDetails would get called with wrong data type when checking if it needs to push updates to the CMDB


  • Features

    • SVC-3759 Add router and facade method to set CI ID on devices via API
    • SVC-3772 Add jobs support for updated Zenoss Cloud functionality
  • Fixes

    • SVC-3696 Ensure we fire indexing event after updating devices
    • SVC-3762 Add zencmdbpush and zencmdbpushworker services on upgrade if they are not there
    • SVC-3542 Ensure CI ID is not lost when renaming device
    • SVC-3786 Update lastRunFinished and lastRunSuccessFinished on full runs so we don’t keep trying to do a full run after first full run for new config


  • Fixes
    • SVC-3655 Don’t disable active configuration when editing inactive configurations
    • SVC-3656 Don’t change type of migratePerfData param when saving
    • SVC-3657 Change default for migratePerfData
    • SVC-3660 Protect enable radio button on CMDB configs, since clicking doesn’t change status of config

  • Features

    • SVC-2936 Make CI details queries more efficient for ServiceNow
    • SVC-3216 Catch and retry database conflict errors
    • SVC-3400 Add fields for Last successful full run, last full run started, last full run finished, and last successful full run finished
  • Fixes

    • SVC-3294 Remove unused setChangeControl method from facade
    • SVC-3561 Ensure devices can get picked up by DiscoveryMapping when created
    • SVC-3610 Fix issue where moving device fails with "BadRequest: Id cmdbClass is invalid or duplicate"
    • SVC-3617 Fix AttributeError when updating non-string cProps and zProps
    • SVC-3619 CMDB ZP incorrectly sees all non-string property values as different from CMDB
    • SVC-3624 Fix CI ID being lost when moving devices between device classes with same python class
    • SVC-3637 Fix order of logging when associating a CI ID to a device


  • Fixes
    • SVC-3547 Fix bug preventing zencmdbpoll from picking up a newly enabled config without a restart


  • Fixes
    • SVC-3535 Fix IP address query for Atrium


  • Features

    • SVC-3258 Add dry run option to CMDB Config dialog
    • SVC-3307 Validate that CMDB Application Relationships has all required fields
    • SVC-3353 Allow zencmdbpoll to create Systems as well as Groups
    • SVC-3389 Look for locations before creating or updating devices to support hierarchical locations
  • Fixes

    • SVC-3008 Remove Migrate Performance Data When Automatically Re-Identifying Devices from CMDB
    • SVC-3311 Ensure dry run button does not save config
    • SVC-3316 CMDB ciid lost when moving device between deviceclasses with different python types
    • SVC-3343 CMDB zenpack documentation needs to state that it requires ps.util
    • SVC-3377 Streamline logic around when to run (and do full runs) in zencmdbpoll
    • SVC-3388 zencmdbpoll still missing heartbeats


  • Features

    • SVC-2720 Add events for duplicated IP address and device id
    • SVC-2985 Added audit statements for device creation and renaming, production state changes, device priority change, location change, component updates
    • SVC-3105 Allow user to remove CI ID from a device in the UI
    • SVC-3158 Iterate through component CI IDs also to look for services in the CMDB
    • SVC-3217 Update ServiceNow information in docs
  • Fixes

    • SVC-2397 Ensure failure of cmdb poll does not cause process to fail, and that we reset next run or next full run so we don't wait a full interval to try again.
    • SVC-3027 Ensure Test Access button gives correct results for all CMDB types
    • SVC-3171 Convert set of components to list to allow chunker to chunk the list to send to the CMDB
    • SVC-3173 Ensure we pass a list to the chunker function
    • SVC-3175 Fix traceback when querying CMDB for Impact information
    • SVC-3260 Exclude notification windows when caching maintenance windows


  • Features
    • SVC-3169 Update change management calls in facade to end maintenance windows before deleting group, so devices aren't left in maintenance when window is cancelled during the window


  • Features
    • SVC-3159 Don't automatically do a full sync when daemon restarts


  • Features
    • SVC-2928 Moving Atrium to use newer PS.Util http client, and using plugin for auth
    • SVC-3046 Detect when credentials have changed and restart JsonApi object to pick up
    • SVC-3050 Update logging to ensure all configuration settings are logged in debug


  • Features
    • SVC-2186: Implement a getSettings method for the CMDB config
    • SVC-2261: Update documentation to fully describe effect of the Enable button
    • SVC-2527: Heartbeat messags are not sent while poll is running
    • SVC-2620: Use standard chunking function from PS.Util
    • SVC-2627: Update to use PS.Util http_client
    • SVC-2621: Make zencmdbpoll work better with twisted
    • SVC-2808: Explicitly set last change on device after adding
    • SVC-2962: Avoid unneccesary json encoding and decoding of body data for requests
    • SVC-2847: Preserve CI ID when moving a device between classes
    • SVC-2537: Add zing-connector healthcheck to zencmdbpoll
    • SVC-2927: Remove IP address object if appropriate when decommissioning device
    • SVC-2984: Prevent user from setting full run interval shorter than run interval
    • SVC-2954: Add support for OAuth for ServiceNow to CMDB ZP


  • Fixes
    • SVC-2916: Gracefully handle no group mappings.


  • Fixes
    • SVC-2872: Prevent traceback error in transaction commit when no CMDB config is enabled


  • Fixes
    • SVC-2857: Prevent tracebacks when no fields are going to be sent to CMDB to prevent stuck messages in queue


  • Features
    • SVC-2810: Remove manageIp when decommissioning a device
  • Fixes
    • SVC-2814: adapt zenjobs propertypatcher hook to work with either pre/post zenjobs rewrite


  • Features
    • SVC-1961: Add the ability to map a CMDB field to Zenoss collector, and change collector if that changes
    • SVC-2755: Add the ability to map a CMDB field to Zenoss device class to set device class on device creation
  • Fixes
    • SVC-2518: Ensure all error and warning log messages also create events in the event console
    • SVC-2230: Ensure errors updating CMDB fields are counted as errors for zencmdbpoll
    • SVC-2628: Fix prodstate changes during maintenance windows
    • SVC-2631: Fix cmdbClass not being reset by zencmdbpoll
    • SVC-2771: Fix bad collector name causes _checkDeviceExists to fail
    • SVC-2780: Fix in zencmdbpoll, compare is broken for fields to send to CMDB
    • SVC-2757: Clean up documentation


  • Fixes
    • SVC-2762: fix issue where transaction post commit hook can fail under certain circumstances


  • Fixes
    • fix CMDB config disappearing from Advanced Menu


  • Fixes
    • fix zencmdbpushworker failures when a Device added/updated


  • Fixes
    • Fix 'qualification' filter in Atrium


  • Fixes
    • SVC-2486: fix CMDB config disappearing from Advanced Menu
    • SVC-2185: add raw data to logging in case of error in nameFallThrough
    • SVC-2572/SVC-2576: fix traceback on device/components removal
    • SVC-2577: fix zenjobs hanging when CMDB installed


  • Fixes
    • SVC-2560: fix to allow field updates to be pushed to CMDB when no components are being pushed


  • Fixes
    • SVC-2547: Atrium: Update URL to use instances instead of instance
    • SVC-2558: Atrium: Chunk IP addresses before query to avoid URI too long error messages
    • SVC-2559: fix model event message monkeypatching so it only happens when it needs to


  • Fixes
    • SVC-2535: update ciid index on guid change and add fallback for dmd value in case object is not yet persisted
    • SVC-2513: check if component ciID exists
    • SVC-2529: removed redundant compsToPushToCMDB definitions
    • SVC-2534: Explicitly fire event so that property patching happens in the zencmdbpushworker process


  • Fixes
    • SVC-2528: fix property patcher to avoid stale dmd reference


  • Features
    • SVC-2182: Push limited component changes to CMDB
    • SVC-2182/SVC-2425: Added metric instrumentation of cmdb daemons
    • SVC-2182/SVC-2325: Improved logging and events
    • SVC-2398: Added full and incremental poll cycle configuration
    • SVC-2398/SVC-2221: Added force run button to config UI
  • Fixes
    • SVC-2421: batch servicenow cmdb updates to avoid errors
    • SVC-2417/SVC-2231: fixed inconsistent CIID index issues
    • SVC-2417: improved duplicate CIID detection
    • SVC-2417/SVC-2439: ensured poll does not stop on common errors
    • SVC-2417: fixed 'Production States to Keep' functionality
    • SVC-2417: fixed 'use CMDB Ip Address' functionality
    • SVC-2425/SVC-2230: count cmdb update errors as errors


  • SVC-2402 SVC-2403 SVC-2404: fixes for discovered bugs/regressions
  • SVC-2400: reinstate createDevices control setting while ensuring lack of creation does not inhibit association or update of existing devices


  • hotfix 1.12.2: fix cmdbStatus migration so it commits


  • Fixes
  • SVC-2375: fix productionState mapping
  • SVC-2381: fix default value for cmdbKeepProdStates and migrate existing configs
  • SVC-2367: add agent field to zencmdbpoll events
  • SVC-2368: log actual device id when changing device ids
  • SVC-2372: SNow: allow both the raw field and dv_field values to be mapped

Release 1.12.0

  • Features
    • SVC-130: Add 'Test Access' button into UI
    • SVC-2269: Add feature to map devices to Device Groups based on CMDB field contents
  • Fixes
    • SVC-2252: fix improper and inefficient behaviour in change window setting
    • SVC-2256: Patch properties onto device classes when zenjobs starts up
    • SVC-2363: linking ci id to existing device if its ci id is not set
    • SVC-2363: raising event for duplicate CI IDs

Release 1.11.0

  • Features

    • SVC-2033 Add backend procesor to handle communications with RM
    • SVC-2073 Implemented tests for associating ci's to devices and components, disassociating CIs from devices and components, decommissioning and deleting devices
    • SVC-2084 Refactor zencmdbpoll to use new backend processor
    • SVC-2184 Remove Additional Field Mappings, migrate any existing settings to the standard device field mappings
    • SVC-2187 Fix undefined name errors caused by not importing all necessary modules
    • SVC-2223 Ensure properties we are setting actually exist so we don't create unwanted attributes
    • SVC-2224 Remove code that was made obsolete or redundant by the new backend processor

Release 1.10.1

  • Fixes
    • Add zing-connector endpoint for Zenoss Cloud compatibility.

Release 1.10.0

  • Features
    • ServiceNow add maxRequestLen to config to override default
  • Fixes
    • Properly map SN 'dv_' fields.

Release 1.9.1

  • Fixes
    • Fix check for location in returned data

Release 1.9.0

  • Features
    • added event generation for CMDB run
  • Fixes
    • fixed setChangeControl to work correctly
    • typo fixes